K-12 Tuition Free Public School


We are hiring why-sayers
People who want to make things better, make things more fun, more clever. People who aren't afraid of the boss. People who aren't restricted by convention, but challenged by it. People who fit perfectly at SCVi, because it is the "why" that makes us successful.

A note about our hiring process: We take applications year-round and are always looking for why-sayers with a flexible mindset that would be a great addition to our team. Even if you have a credential, some of the noncredentialed positions are a great way to get your foot in the door. Many current teachers have become full-time taking this route. During the months before the school year starts, we are looking more actively than others. However, it's always a good time to submit your résumé; just please follow up throughout the year.

Year-Round Submissions
(high school diploma needed)

yard duty
support staff
specialty elective teachers (2 afternoons per week)
support staff substitutes
special circumstance aides
classroom substitutes (need CBEST)
specialty teachers (i.e. Spanish, P.E., art, music)
facilities special projects
project managers

January - July Submissions
(may submit year-round, but follow up after January)

Full-time teachers
single subject (all subjects)
multiple subject
SPED professionals

It is especially helpful, but not necessary, to have the following skills and/or credentials:

IB training levels 1, 2, 3
Project-based teaching, training & experience
Singapore Math training
Advanced and cutting-edge knowledge with technology, specifically applied in the classroom
Music background & training
Kinesthetic methods of teaching
Love and Logic applied in the classroom setting

In order to be offered a full-time teaching position at SCVi, teachers will need to go through one of our hiring events held in the months of January - June. This is a full-day, interactive job interview that involves multiple SCVi stakeholders. After an initial paper screening process, we will invite approximately nine candidates to come to Bonanza Day in the spring on approximately four different occasions. These candidates will be teachers from a range of different content areas and possibly for other nearby partner schools. The day will begin with mingling with staff. Next, the candidates gather in a room for an orientation to the SCVi philosophy and culture. All candidates will teach a 45-minute to one-hour class in an SCVi classroom appropriate to their content area. This can be what the students are already studying or something they are passionate about. After the lesson, students and current staff fill out feedback forms on the candidate. In addition to teaching, the candidates spend time observing in the classrooms on a school tour.  During the rotations, the candidates interview with groups of parents and students informally in the Village. Toward the end of the day, candidates will gather in a classroom to design projects with groups from the hiring bonanza and current staff. Since we value collaboration and adult learning, we want to see how well candidates can work with other adults. To culminate the day-long interview process, teams will present their projects to the SCVi family.

Decisions are generally made by July 1.

SCVi shall be nonsectarian in its programs, admission policies, employment practices, and all other operations and shall not discriminate against any pupil or employee on the basis of their characteristics, whether actual, or perceived, as listed in Education Code section 220, including, but not necessarily limited to the following: disability, gender, nationality, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, association with a person or group with one or more of the above actual or perceived characteristics. [Ref. California Education Code §47605 (d)(1)]


Opportunity of a lifetime to be part of a dynamic team for a pivotal new school in the Santa Clarita Valley. We are looking for leaders and innovators in the education field who are passionate about creating a school that uses a project-based and individualized approach and an  international focus. We are a public school and need people ready to roll up their sleeves and help shape the future of the school and student body. Teachers and administrators have increased job satisfaction in charter schools because they feel part of the process. One to two teachers and the school leaders sit on the governing board of directors along with parents and community members. Join the team, and help create something special and lasting for the community.

Salaries close to those in local districts

Participation in California State Teacher Retirement System (STRS)

Full-time employees are entitled to insurance benefits offered by SCVi. These insurance benefits will include medical, dental, and vision. SCVi will have a defined contribution towards the employee's insurance premiums that are school-sponsored insurance plans. This amount will be determined on an annual basis.

Full-time employees will also be covered under an insurance policy that includes life, short-term disability, and long-term disability at no cost to the full-time employee. Additional voluntary insurance plans will be offered through the school, for which will all premium payments will be the employee's responsibility.

Credentialed Teachers

Apply and see positions available at Edjoin

E-mail your résumé (online only) with the position you are interested in and your name as the subject line to: why.sayer@ileadschools.org