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Awesome Student Led Conference @ SCViShare

I just wanted to write a quick note to say how awesome Seth's student led conference was today at SCVi. This was "sorta" like a parent teacher conference, except it was 45 minutes instead of 20 ~ and Seth led it - taking me through four different stations where he showed me what he has been learning. 

We started in the Science station where he showed me about producers and consumers (thankfully I home-schooled Reece for 4th grade and actually remembered this stuff! People, food webs are confusing!!!!). He also showed me what his Social Studies class was learning - check this out: they're doing a project about CA Regions (his is coastal) - and he has to work with his group to try and get his teacher (location scout) to want to film a movie in his region. So they are doing a power point presentation, a poster, and a skit about the CA coastal regions to "sell" it to the location scout. Love it! 

Then we moved onto Language Arts where he read from a book of his choice and we played a game where I asked him various questions about the book. This was pretty cool...because he's reading "Maximum Ride" by James Patterson which is a sci-fi fantasy book about a flock of six human/avian fugitives. I wonder if his Dad has anything to do with that book selection? Yeah. Definitely.

After that, it was on to the social-emotional station ~ we role played and asked each other questions.....this is part of his curriculum. He is learning things like how to start a conversation, problem solving, and expressing his feelings when they are hurt. Okay, for a Psychology major like myself....you know how much I love this. Whole child! 

And then it was time for the famous, illusive "Singapore Math". It's a completely different type of math skill ~ and when he solved that first problem, I gotta say, I was LOST - like Season 6 LoST. But I got it.....after a couple of problems. The most important thing is that HE gets it! And he does. Now I want to learn more about it! 

I know a lot of people have been wondering how they are learning on over at SCVi....well, this is a small glimpse into it. It was really great - Seth is loving it there & I have seen a HUGE change in him since transferring there. It's definitely a good fit for him. :)


As a family we have lived in a variety of places and our kids have experienced a surprisingly wide variety of educational institutions—co-op/public/private/home/independent study. Looking back on it, I sometimes wonder at it all. After almost three quarters at SCVi, I am happy to see my child’s confidence, independence, and will to do well growing steadily. It is obvious to me from the feedback I get from him as well as observation that all his facilitators are caring individuals who love what they do. My child’s attitude toward education is at an all-time high. He likes going to school and learning. He has wanted to be a dentist since he was five years old. I don’t know if by the end of his time at SCVi he will still want to be a dentist, but I am sure he will succeed in whatever he puts his mind to, because he will have developed the skills, confidence, and drive to do it. I am well aware that the intrinsic value of a lifelong love of learning and the ability to persevere through the challenges of life and career will serve my child well all his life, and I am glad to have found a place that also values these things. While I would like him to have the myriad of resources and variety of a large high school, I am not willing that he should give up the deep strength and integrity of our little treasure of a school. Better to go out into the world with the confidence of a big fish in a little pond who doesn’t know he’s supposed to be intimidated by the vastness of a huge pond; instead, he’ll perceive how much more abundance lies out there for him! I look forward to our next 4 years at SCVi.

—8th grade parent

We are in our 1st year at SCVi. Our boys are in 3rd grade, Ms. Muusse's class. This was the best move we could have made for our boys, Jake & Ryley. They are thriving! We thought long & hard through the summer whether or not to move them from our traditional public school. They were not having any issues with the school or teachers. We simply wanted to give them more. Here at SCVi they are getting "more". The idea that they are free to walk around the classroom, asking their peers questions about school projects, learning to work as a community, being able to work at their own pace, using the computers to finish tasks (whenever they need to not just on allotted days & times),  is a refreshing & much needed change.They are learning how to be problem solvers. The teachers are developing a relationship with the students. Making them feel at ease in class. Not to be afraid to ask questions. They are so happy here. We will continue to support SCVi in any way we can.  
I don't have any pictures to share at this time. Only our story of success.
Thanks for letting me share our story.
The Farina Family
Teddy, Hillary, Jake & Ryley


After trying our local public school and a private school, my husband and I were at a loss as to our kids' future education. Finding a balance of happy kids and great education without costing a fortune seemed impossible! Enter SCVi! From the moment our kids started (January '09), they, and we, were happy, fulfilled and excited!

SCVi provides everything we were looking for in a school: a different approach to education that includes the kids working together on projects, learning skills beneficial for their future and minimal homework, which allows them to enjoy activities they want to do after school. Because of this, our family enjoys more quality time together.

Having been at SCVi for over a year now, we have noticed that the independence in our kids has grown. They are self-directed (with minimal parent involvement) when it comes to their projects, which is how it should be. Their focus and enthusiasm to do their best amazes us as parents. Thank you, SCVi!

Jenn & Phil Abbey


I had a meeting with Mrs. Rockwell, she is awesome. Alex & I appreciate her help in creating a solution to cater to his academic needs. SCVi is at the cutting edge in education & I feel blessed that my boys attend this school.
Sincerely, Helene


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What Do You Like Best about Your School?
By Signal Staff
Posted: Sept. 21, 2009  5:39 p.m.
POSTED  Sept. 22, 2009 4:55 a.m.
Full Article

My name is Tiffany Chang, and I am a third-grader at SCVi Charter School.
I like SCVi because we learn about people from all over the world. We learn how to respect other cultures.
We learn how to respect other people's feelings. And most of all, we learn to be one big family. We do a lot of projects that involve teamwork at school. I also like my school's project-based learning.
Here is one example of what project-based learning is. Our class wanted to find out about frogs last year. So we got some real tadpoles in our classroom and we watched them growing into frogs.
I love the teachers at SCVi because they always encourage your learning and curiosity.
I like the kids at SCVi because we never leave people out. SCVi is the best school ever.
Tiffany Chang

My name is Chloe Gardea Faith. I am in 3rd grade and I am eight years old. I go to SCVi Charter School, which stands for Santa Clarita Valley International School.
I like my school because my classmates are funny. I also like my school because it has a bunch of fun stuff that we can do for the rest of the year.
I also like my school because I met a lot of different people and made new friends.
I like all classmates because they are fun to play with and they are also smart.
Chloe Gardea Faith
Grade 3

Third place
My name is Rook Calderon. I like the playground because of the equipment. I like the teachers. We do really fun stuff. I know 40 people in the whole school. I like the mind challenge puzzles. I like reading time. I like the kids especially. I like our classroom. I like the books.
Rook Calderon
Grade 3

My name is Alicia. I am 7 years old and I'm in third-grade at Santa Clarita Valley International Charter School. My favorite sport is swimming and karate. I also like my classroom, my school, and our library. I get to ride my bike to school because this school is only two minutes away. I went to this school because my old school was too hard.
Grade 3

Hello. My name is Claire Katheryn Robinson. I go to SCVi; it stands for Santa Clarita Valley International. I like SCVi because we meet new friends and have fun. It is an international school.
Claire Katheryn
Grade 3

My name is Ryley Farina. I am eight years old. I go to SCVi Charter School, which stands for Santa Clarita Valley International. I like this school because the teachers do all kinds of fun stuff with the children. I also like the play area because they have all kinds of stuff like tennis rackets and jump ropes. I also like the location. It's so close to my house.
Ryley Farina
Grade 3

My name is Jake Farina. I am in third grade. I go to SCVi Charter School which stands for Santa Clarita Valley International. I like my school because of the good teaching by the teachers. I also like the I-statements. I also like the tennis rackets because they're fun. I like my classmates also.
Jake Farina
Grade 3

Hi, my name is Alyssa Valenzuela. I am eight years old. I go to SCVi Charter School, it is one of the best schools ever. I like the kids in my class. There are twenty kids in my class. I like the teachers. I think SCVi Charter School is the best. You should have your kids come here soon.
Alyssa Valenzuela
Grade 3

Hello my name is Zachary LaCruz. I am eight years old. I am in 3rd grade. I go to SCVi. SCVi stands for Santa Clarita Valley International. I like the classes and the teachers. My other school was nearly as fun than SCVi. SCVi is the best school for me.
Zachary LaCruz
Grade 3

My name is Patrick Sweeney. I go to SCVi. I like my school because I have a nice teacher. We have science lab. The school has two stories. The kids are way nicer. This school lets you think more. That way you excel in what you want to do. You get to use computers.
Patrick Sweeney
Grade 3

My name is Scotty L. I go to SCVi Charter School. SCVi means Santa Clarita Valley International. I like the I-statements we did in class. I like the happy and nice kids in my class. I like doing the mind challenge puzzles that Ms. Nadia gives us. I like all my classmates.
Scotty L.
Grade 3

What I like about my school is recess! Another thing I like about my school is that my friend Brittany who is next door to me. I love playing cheetahs with Brittany. We pretend we are cheetahs and run all over the place. We pretend that the rolly pollies are signs in which way we should go. After we play cheetahs, we play jumprope. Sometimes I hope on one foot.
Clarise Ochoa
Grade 3

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