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SCVi Ambassadors

Ask yourself: “Am I a leader?”

If so, we have an exciting opportunity for you!

The SCVi Ambassadors program is a learner panel and outreach group for SCVi consisting of a group of 6th-12th graders. Responsibilities include attending after-school meetings, planning school events, and representing the school in the community.

Please contact student.ambassadors@scvi-k12.org if you have any questions.

Learner Ambassadors Program Expands at iLEAD's Founding School, SCVi 

By learners [now graduates] Sydney Hild & Paige Guarino 
Originally published in iLEAD News and World Report, September 2014

The SCVi Learner Ambassadors program was created in 2011 at iLEAD's founding school, SCVi. We and Executive Director of Business Development and Operations Amber Raskin felt there was a need for a group of learners who could represent the school not only inside of its doors but out in the community as well. We envisioned SCVi Learner Ambassadors participating and volunteering in almost every school event and also planning events and fund-raisers of our own.


Creating this group was no easy task. We had to outline the expectations and vision for the program. Contracts and applications were written. Shirts were designed. When we started to have a strong foundation, we reached out to the upper grade learners to create an interest list and invite people to apply. Soon enough we had our goal of at least 10 individuals. Over the past two years, we've formed a strong foundation for our program and evolved by taking on more extensive tasks and expanding.


The program has attracted many learners interested in having a voice in their school and offering their time to various community causes, such as the River Rally River Clean-up, Castaic Days, and Relay for Life. The ambassadors also run face-painting booths at some of our events to contribute to our school and its activities. The ambassadors also help in planning committees and assist at SCVi's Goodwill drives, benefit dinners, arts festivals, and school dances.


On school tour days, the ambassadors are present and ready to be put on the spot to give our visitors a learner's perspective of what we know and enjoy about SCVi.


Being an ambassador is a great opportunity for learners to gain skills in leadership, public speaking, and planning. Ambassadors are always ready for any challenge or task thrown their way.


Our group is looking to expand. The more learners who want to be involved, the better! To be ambassadors, learners in grades 6-12 should simply fill out an application and give it to a facilitator, the front desk, or any of the ambassadors. Requirements and expectations for participation include passing all classes and attending all monthly meetings (only two can be missed). A member must also purchase and wear an SCVi Learner Ambassadors shirt to certain events.